Stepper Motor 4.7V 1.5A 23LM-C047-09W Unipolar CNC x3

You are bidding on 3 NEW PCS of 24V, 1.5A Unipolar Stepper Motor Model: 23LM-C047-09W from Minebea Motor (Manufactured in Thailand) with 6 wiring. This Motor weights 608 grams and has diameter of 56.4mm, and shaft diameter of 0.635mm. No exact datasheet can be found for this motor. The closest specifications that we can find is below.

Technical Specifications

  •     Step Angle: 1.8 degree (200 Steps/revolution)
  •     Step Angle Accuracy: +/- 5%
  •     Rated Voltage: 4.7V
  •     Rated Current/Phase: 1.5A
  •     Winding Resistance: 3.1 Ohms
  •     Holding Torque (g-cm): 5200
  •     Inductance: 6.1mH
  •     Rotor Inertia (g-cm2): 160
  •     Detent Torque (g-cm): 600


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