ACX347 ACX347AK Sony 2.7" 560x220 Color LCD for Cannon FX300 Sony DCR-HC62


Sony 2.7 Inch 16:9 Transmissive LCD Panel for Camcorders (possible for 4:3 mode switch, 560x220 resolution). These LCD panels achieve a significant reduction in power consumption by switching from the conventional COMDC drive to COMAC drive, which allows the supply voltage to be reduced from 12 V to 8.5 V.

This panel exhibits almost no color inversions and can be viewed from almost any angle.
In addition, compared to the wide viewing angle technology, this panel’s other technical aspects, such as the transmittance, power consumption, and response characteristics, form a well balanced set, making this device optimal for high-end models.

This LCD are widely used in SONY's Camcorders as well as some Cannon model. Such as Cannon FX300 and Sony DCR-HC62


* Low-temperature polycrystalline silicon LCDs
* 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio panels
* 4:3 aspect ratio switching function
* Low power consumption


Physical Specifications:

    Module Size: 85.0 x 30.0 x 10.0 (mm)
    Viewing Area: 64.5 x 16.0 (mm)
    Linternal Area: 56.21 x 11.50 (mm)
    Dot Pitch: 0.60 x 0.70 (mm)
    Dot Size: 0.56 x 0.66 (mm)
    Character Pitch: 3.55 x 5.94 (mm)
    Character Size: 2.96 x 5.56 (mm)
    Operating Temperature: -0° C to +50° C
    STN Yellow-Green Mode


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