Sigma Sport BC700 Wired Speedometer


Sigma Sport Wired Bike Computer Model BC-700, trendy black color rugged design from Germany. This models is equipped with 7 basic functions that is sufficient for basic training purposes. Its main difference between Model 700 is BC-700 is slightly bigger in size and this model comes with soft touch rubber button at the front instead of top/bottom button found in model 700. And it requires 2x1.5V (SR44) batteries for operation instead of only one for model 700. The battery covers also requires a flat-tip screwdriver to open, while model 700 uses a coin  to open the battery cover. The functions are listed as follows.

 Functions  Package Content
 Speed Readout KMH/MPH
 1 Sigma Sport cycle computer Model BC-700
 Trip Distance
 1 Magnet with casing (for assembly to the spoke)
 1 small + 1 large rubber band (use according to handlebar to mount the computer bracket)
 Ride Trip - Auto Start/Stop
 1 bracket with cable and sensor (cable length=68 cm,  Sensor distance: maximum 5cm away from magnet)
 Clock  1 gray rubber band (to mount the sensor)
 Maximum Speed  1 mounting instruction manual in various languages
 Average Speed
 2 1.5V Type SR44 (G13), batteries for the computer (installed)


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