Red Laser Diode 685nm 35mW with len FLD6A2TK (lot of 3)

You are bidding on 3 NEW PCS of 35mW 685~695nm, 2.0V~2.8V Red Laser Diode P/N: FLD6A2TK (leaded) Fujitsu Quantum Devices. This part is mounted onto a Aluminum Frame (26.02mm x 7.34mm).
P.S: Do not point visible laser directly into eyes, and be extra caution when mounting the lens to the laser. Power off before doing so to avoid reflection from the lens that may caused laser beam to shine directly into eyes.

  •     Light Output Power: 35mW
  •     Threshold Current : 15~25mA
  •     Operating Current : 35~50mA
  •     Operating Voltage : 2.0~2.8V
  •     Laser Wavelength : 675~695nm

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