PLCC 32 Test and Burnin Sockets from NEY

You are bidding on 1 NEW PCS of 32 Pin PLCC to DIP Sockets Adapters/Test Sockets from NEY Company P/N:6132. Its suitable for 27C010 (EEPROM) and similar PLCC32 pins IC. Please note the DUT (Device under Test/Programming) should be mounted with label facing downward, the pin count should be incremented in clockwise direction, with pin 1 align with DIP Socket Pin 1 as shown in the Picture.

Testing/Programming Mounting Sequence:

  • First Flip the IC so as the Marking should face downward. The leads facing upward, the IC pin count should be clockwise starting from pin 1 on 12 o'clock position, pin '9' on 3 o'clock position, pin 17 on 6 o'clock position and pin 25 on 9 o'clock position.
  • Mount the IC onto the sockets with the pin 1 marking on the socket at the top left hand corner, and IC pin '1' at top center position.
  • Push the center part of the IC downward into the socket until a click sound is heard. The IC position should now be flush with the Socket edges. (Remember the the Black color spring loaded knob at the center of the Socket shouldn't be depressed before mounting the IC).
  • Now you can perform testing on the IC using the programmer.
  • Once the operation is done, to extract the IC, push the center of the IC downward onto the socket until another click sound is heard, release and the IC should be unflush and able to be removed.


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