Motorola 32-bit Microprocessor P/N:XC68LC040FE33B

You are bidding on 1 NEW PCS of new Motorola 32-bit Microcontroller P/N: XC68LC040FE33B.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage5V +/- 0.25 Processor CoreRISC Core Technology0.57 micron HCMOS Core Speed33Mhz (66Mhz in double speed) L1/L2 Cache4KB + 4KB / 512 (external on board Bus Speed) Bus33Mhz 32bit Addressable Mem4GB of physical and 1GB of virtual FPUNot Integrated, Co-Processor 68881 or 68882 Power Dissipation3.0 ~ 4.0 W PackageCeramic QFP 184 pin sitting on a 179pin PGA Adapter Socket Dimensions47 x 47 x 15 mm Weight100g (With Packaging)


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