MICROCHIP DM330013 Microstick 1, DSPIC33F, PIC24H

The Microstick for dsPIC33F and PIC24H devices is designed to provide designers with an easy to use, economical development environment for 16-bit dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers and PIC® Microcontrollers.

Microstick provides all you need to get started at a very low cost. It has an integrated programmer / debugger. It can be used stand-alone or plugged into a prototyping board for extremely flexible development. The device under test is socketed for easy change-out, and Microchip’s MPLAB® Integrated Development Environment supports Microstick. It has never been more affordable to get started with Microchip 16-bit devices!

Supported Parts:


  • Low Cost 16-bit board
  • Integrated USB programmer / debugger – No external debugger required
  • USB Powered – Ease of use, No external power required
  • Socketed dsPIC/PIC24 – Flexible, Easy device replacement
  • 0.025” Pin headers – Enables plug-in to Breadboard with room for jumper wires
  • Easy access to all device signals for probing
  • Small size - Smaller than a stick of gum at 20 x76mm – Easily Portable
  • On board debug LED, Utility LED and Reset Switch
  • Free demo code


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