M29W040B90K1 ST Microelectronics 4Mbits Flash Memory


ST Microelectronics M25P20VMN6 2Mbits (256K x 8) Serial Flash Memory with 25Mhz SPI Bus Interface.It is designed with an advanced write protection mechanisms and accessed by high speed SPI-compatible bus. Single byte up to 256 bytes can be program at a time using page program instruction. The memory is organized as 4 sectors with each containing 256 pages. And each page is 256 bytes wide. Thus the whole memory can be viewed as 1024 pages or 262,144 bytes.

  • 2Mbit of Flash Memory
  • Page Program (up to 256 Bytes) in 2 ms
  • Sector Erase (512 Kbit) in 2 sec
  • Bulk Erase (2 Mbit) in 3 sec
  • 2.7V to 3.6V Single Supply Voltage
  • SPI Bus Compatible Serial Interface
  • 25 MHz Rate
  • Deep Power-down Mode 1uA
  • High Reliability
    • Endurance: 100,000 Erase/Program Cycles
    • Data Retention: 20 Years

  • Package: SOIC 8
  • Operating Temperature: -40° C to +85° C
  • Operating Voltage: +2.7V to 3.6V
  • Leaded, Non-Rohs


M25P20VMN6 Datasheet


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