Hybaid Px2 Thermal Cycler Interchangeable Block HBPXB05

This is a sale of 1 SET of NEW OLD Stock of Interchangeable blocks 0.5mL (standard), 96-well (P/N: HBPXB05), for Px2 Thermal Cycler PCR Machine from Hybaid. The module is well sealed in antistatic bag and packed in original box and has been removed for photo taking. The original box appears dirty due to long period of storage but it doesn't affect the functionality of the Interchangeable block. There is no visible physical damage, scratches or dust collected on the Interchangeable block.

Package Content:

A consumable sample pack is included which consists of the following:-

1 pack of 0.3mL Omni-Strips (Cat. No.: HB-TC-S4043N, 24 wells, 8 wells in one strip with caps)

1 bottle of Mineral Oil 1 Compression Pad (HB-TD-SFOAM)

1 pack of 0.5mL 96-well holder

34 pcs of holder with cap

International Shipping Options:

Option 1: Air Parcel Mail (Please send me an email to request for a quotation)

Option 2: Courier Services (Default Service)


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