HA2-2605-5 Harris 12Mhz Hi-Input Impedance OpAMP

HA2-2605-5 is internally compensated bipolar operational amplifiers in Metal CAN package. It features very high input impedance (300MΩ) coupled with wideband AC performance. The high resistance input stage is complemented by low offset voltage (3mV) and low bias and offset current (5nA) to facilitate accurate signal processing. 12Mhz unity gain bandwidth, 7V/us slew rate and 150kV/V open-loop gain enables HA-2605 to perform high-gain amplification of fast, wideband signals. This amplifier is suitable for pulse and video amplifier design, high-gain low distortion audio amplifiers, high-Q and wideband active filters, high speed comparators and Low Distortion Oscillators.

HA2-2605-5 Datasheet


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