EL Lamp Driver IC P/N: IMP803 (lot of 5)

You are bidding on 5 NEW PCS of High Voltage EL Lamp Driver IC P/N: IMP803LG (leaded, SOIC-8 Package) from IMP Inc. This driver operates under low power 420uA typical Vdd Current, its able to drive EL Lamps of up to 30nF capacitance to high brightness, EL Lamps with capacitance greater than 30nF can be driven, but with lower in light output. It operates with input voltage range from 2.0~6.0V, and requires few external components, a single inductor, single diode, two capacitors and three resistors. The frequency of the two internal oscillator is set by two resistors. You can find Green and Blue EL Lamps in our store too.

Datasheet Link: http://www.datasheetarchive.com/DSA0072389-datasheet.html


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