ChipKIT Uno32 Arduino-Compatible Prototyping Platform

ChipKIT Uno32 development board

ChipKIT Uno32 development board is based on the Arduino open source hardware design it uses the Microchip PIC32 microcontroller using the same form factor as the Arduino UNO board and is compatible with many Arduino shields.

It can be powered via USB or external power source and is equipped with a USB serial port for interface to the IDE. It uses a powerful PIC MCU, PIC32MX320F128 microcontroller which runs at 32bit MIPS at 80MHz, 128K of flash program memory and 16K of SRAM data memory. The uno32 can be programmed using an environment based on the original Arduino IDE modified to support PIC32. In addition, the uno32 is fully compatible with the advanced Microchip MPLAB IDE and the PICKit3 in-system programmer/debugger.

  • Microchip's PIC32 32bit MIPS processor (PIC32MX320F128), 80MHz 32bit MIPS, 128K flash, 16K SRAM
  • Compatible with many existing Arduino code examples, reference materials and other resources
  • Arduino "UNO" form factor
  • Compatible with many Arduino shields
  • 42 I/O lines available
  • TDGL002 featured with User LED for indication
  • Connects to a PC using a USB A to mini B cable
  • Can also be programmed using Microchip's MPLAB IDE along with a PICkit-3


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