2SJ28 (KF-33) and 2SK82 (KE-33) Sony VFET for TA-N88 Class D AMP

2SK82 (N-Channel, KE-33) and 2SJ28 (P-Channel, KF-33) Vertical Field Transistor (VFET) are used in Sony Class First Class-D Amplifier (Model: TA-N88(B). Its has a Vp rank. The parts are guaranteed new, unused. It may just be the last New Old Stocks left in the world.

Sony VFETs In Push-Pull Class A By Nelson Pass
General Discussion on 2SJ28 KF-33
Application of Vertical FET for Pulse Width Modulation
PWM VFET Report in Japanese
Specifications in Japanese
2SK82 V-FET DC Power Amp Schematics


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