2SC3001-01 NPN Epitaxial Planar RF Power Transistor

You are bidding on 1 NEW PCS of NPN Epitaxial Planar Type RF Power Transistor from Mitsubishi P/N: 2SC3001-01. This transistor is specifically designed for VHF power amplifier applications in the output stage of 5W power amplifiers in VHF band portable type radio sets.

  • High power gain: Gpe >= 13dB
  • Emitter Ballasted construction
  • High ruggedness ability to withstand more than 20:1 load VSWR when operated at Vcc= 9V, f=175Mhz, Po=6.0W
  • Flange type ceramic package
  • Zin=1.5-j1.3R, Zout=5.0-j1.2R @ Vcc=7.2V, f=175Mhz, Po=6.0W


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